Vegetarian Capsules

MYSOFTGEL offers advanced vegetarian softgel encapsulation technology. The technology used to develop vegetarian softgels demonstrates the latest in engineering techniques in order to produce superior products for the consumer. Our most experienced formulators, technicians, and specialists are here to help you create your own vegetarian softgel formulation.

Technical advantages

  • Non-animal alternative

    • Natural, plant-based shell
    • Solves complex formulation challenges
    • Disintegration profile stable over time
    • Natural and safe
  • Greater compatibility

    • High temperature encapsulation
    • Works with sensitive actives, thermos-setting formulations
    • Ingredients destabilized by moisture
    • Wider compatibility with plant extracts and nutritional ingredients
  • Complex formulations

    • Semisolid formulations enable the development of extended release formulations

  • Consumer benefits and applications An optimal solutions for multiple categories:
    • Omega-3’s & nutritional oils: including algae oil, fish oil, krill oil, evening primrose and more
    • Multivitamins
    • Mineral supplements
    • Herbal supplements
    • Combination supplements
  • Product features & benefits
    • 100% natural, GMO free
    • Plant-based shell free of all animal derivatives
    • Fits with healthy lifestyles, dietary and religious restrictions
    • Softer than gelatin softgels making it easy to swallow
    • Odor and taste-free for improved consumer compliance
    • Available in variety of colors, shapes, sizes and clarity
    • Meets the dietary demands on gluten free diets, sugar free
  • Consumer lifestyle trends impacting natural demand and new innovation
    • Digital
    • More Natural
    • Living Longer
    • Fast-paced Lifestyles
    • Transparency
    • GMO-Free

Vegetarian capsules are an ideal solution for consumers seeking an animal free alternative to gelatin capsules. Vegetarian capsules are made from 100% plant-derived HPMC (hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose), contains no preservatives, gelatin, wheat, gluten or animal by-products.